Check Out The New Funxim Charger For Your iPhone X & Apple Watch

Want a wireless charger for your iPhone and Apple Watch but don’t want to dish out a lot of money just to have one? Well, then you might be interested in the new Funxim charger; since it’s a new wireless charging pad on Kickstarter, that claims to power both your iPhone X and your Apple Watch at the exact same time, at a pretty reasonable price.

Weighing in at just over five ounces, the Funxim packs 10 watts of energy and a charging rate of over 80%. That means your iPhone and Apple Watch will both charge at a very sufficient yet fast time frame, without one of them charging a little slower than the other. The charger is also incredibly lightweight, small and stylish, so it’s a great little charging pad to put on your nightstand or coffee table while you’re waiting for your devices to power up.

Something also worthy to note about the Funxim charger, is that it does need a USB cable to charge it, but it doesn’t require any type of cables or USB ports directly in the device, since it uses AirPower. Which is basically a wireless function that allows you to place your device pretty much anywhere you want on top of it, without having to use a chord just to charge it up.

Now of course, the Funxim is at Kickstarter, so if you would like to have it as your own, you will have to unfortunately wait a bit since it won’t be available until January. But during that time, you can still support it to make sure it hits its goal by backing it, and taking a pledge of $29 or more.

Source: Digital Trends, Kickstarter

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