Check Out The Latest Free And Paid Jailbreak Tweaks For Your iOS Device

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If you’re the type that likes to find new free or paid jailbreak tweaks for your iOS device, we’ve got you covered. The latest jailbreak tweaks range from AppSort, AppSwitcher, Carrot and many more that add quick shortcuts and helpful features to your device.

As always, free jailbreak tweaks are at the top, while paid tweaks are at the bottom. Each tweak provides something useful to your device or something that changes the cosmetics of the software on your iOS device. Before jumping into the list, if one or more seems interesting to you, copy the name of the tweak and head to the BigBoss repo and paste the name in the Search bar to get it.

Free Jailbreak Tweaks:

  • AppSort: Sort your Home screen icons based on criteria – free
  • AppSwitcher7: Ports the iOS 7 and 8 App Switcher over to iOS 9 – free
  • AppSwitcherList: Changes the App Switcher to list view – free
  • BadgeCleaner: Shows a badge clear menu when launching apps – free
  • BrickDate: Prevents your data from being set back to 1970 – free
  • Bunny: Adds 3D Touch gestures to a wide variety of third-party messaging apps – free
  • ByeShutterSound: Removes the Shutter sound when taking pictures – free
  • Cabbage: Add music app songs to the music queue with a 3D Touch gesture – free
  • Carrot: Adds shuffle and repeat toggles to the Lock screen and Control Center – free
  • FPSCounter: Displays the FPS (frames per second) in any app – free
  • HOPP’N: Enables 3D Touch for Home screen actions – free
  • MapsAllCountries for iOS 9: Reveals Maps app navigation in unsupported countries – free
  • NoTrackPadDelay: Removes delay with the keyboard trackpad – free
  • Peek-a-Boo: Enables Peek and Pop on older iOS devices -free
  • QuickAlarm: 3D Touch can toggle alarms on the Clock app icon – free
  • QuickClear: Remove badges with a single tap from the Quick Actions menu – free
  • SPTouch for iOS 9: A multi-purpose virtual button for multitasking and more – free
  • SwitchService: Tap and hold the Messages app send button to switch to iMassage & SMS – free.

Paid Jailbreak Tweaks:

  • Meteor: Helps save on battery life, while displaying the weather at the top – $1.99
  • Keyhook: Control your Home screen with a Bluetooth keyboard – $1.99
  • Seeker: Enables precise audio scrubbing throughout iOS – $2.99
  • MiNotifier: A notification pusher for MI Band users – $0.99.

As noted above, you can get any of these jailbreak tweaks in the BigBoss repo by copying their names and pasting them into the Search bar.

Note: Prices may vary or change in the future.

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