Check Out Elago’s New Aluminum D Stand For Your Apple Devices

Elago’s new Aluminum D Stand for the iPhone is a great little docking station to charge and display your devices with, since it adds a simple yet modern touch to any shelves, tables or desk.

Now since the dock comes with a convenient cable management slot, all you have to do is separate the top and bottom caps of the dock, insert in the Apple original cable through the designed slots, and you’re done. Making it a really easy and quick dock to assemble and use, since you don’t have to worry about any confusing or long-drawn out instructions.

It was also designed with solid aluminum materials to create a sturdier base, with a top and bottom that are made from scratch-free silicone; to prevent your apple device from moving around and getting any scratches or nicks on it. Another interesting feature that this dock has, is that it’s not just limited to just the iPhone only, but you can also use it on a wide variety of different small-medium Apple products, such as the Siri Remote, the Magic Mouse, the iPod and Apple’s Wireless keyboard; so all of your devices can be fully charged.

If you’re interested in purchasing or learning more about Elago’s new Aluminum D Stand, then you can check it out over at, where it’s currently being sold for $19.99 in a color choice of black or silver.

Source: Amazon

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