Check Out Apple Campus 2 Progress Update

Apple Campus 2

Apple has been making progress on its Apple Campus 2 project site. New footage was released Tuesday from YouTuber Matthew Roberts that shows the company’s progress on its project.

Apple’s new headquarters will have a heating and cooling system that will allow the company to use natural ventilation for about 75% of the year. The video shows the company is in the process of installing this system on the main building.

The solar installation on the building is said to have 700,000 solar panels when the campus is completed. Right now, the Campus 2 parking garage, which will hold 11,000 vehicles, has most of the solar panels installed.

When the Campus is complete it will have 2.8 million square feet of office space for its 12,000 employees, underground tunnels, parking, restaurants, 7,000 trees and more. Apple is hoping to have the campus done by January.

You can check out Matthew Roberts latest video of Apple’s progress by watch the video above.

Source info: Matthew Roberts

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