Cheater! Billy Mitchell stripped of scores, banned from premiere scoreboard

Enlarge / Artist's conception of Mitchell reacting to the news (actually a parody of Mitchell featured in a Regular Show cartoon, but still...)

Twin Galaxies, the long-running video game high score tracker recognized by Guinness World Records, has banned Billy Mitchell and removed all of his past scores from its listings after determining that two million-plus-point Donkey Kong performances he submitted were actually created with an emulator and not on original arcade hardware as he consistently claimed. The move means that the organization now recognizes Steve Wiebe as the first player to achieve a million-point game in Donkey Kong, a question central to the 2007 cult classic documentary The King of Kong.

Nearly two months ago, Mitchell's scores were also removed from the leaderboards at Donkey Kong Forum. Forum moderator Jeremy "Xelnia" Young cited frame-by-frame analysis of the board transitions in Mitchell's Donkey Kong tapes, which showed visual artifacts suggesting they were generated by early versions of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) and not original Donkey Kong arcade hardware.

After checking Mitchell's original submitted score tapes and "meticulously test[ing] and investigat[ing] the dispute case assertions as well as a number of relevant contingent factors," the Twin Galaxies administration unanimously determined that two of Mitchell's disputed scores were created by an emulator: A 1.047 million point performance that was highlighted in The King of Kong and a 1.05 million point score achieved at a Mortgage Brokers convention in 2007. Twin Galaxies wasn't able to make a definitive determination on a third, 1.06 million point score Mitchell claimed to have at Florida's Boomers arcade in 2010.

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