In recent news, 60 Minutes tweeted that they will air a special interview with Apple’s top staff, and will show viewers an inside look at Jony Ive’s design lab and more. This will be aired on CBS’ TV series 60 Minutes on Sunday.

According to some tweets CBS sent out, 60 Minutes will be showing inside Jony Ive’s secret design lab at Apple’s headquarter. In addition to the tweets, one of them show Ive explaining a design process to Rose, as seen below.

Furthermore, Charlie Rose will go on a tour with Angela Ahrendts inside Apple’s “store of the future.” Moreover, if you want to see the new store design, you can check it out below.

The upcoming interview will cover quite a bit about Apple and its plans, and will include a special interview with Tim Cook. For those that are interested, you can watch the new minute long clip of Rose and Cook discussing Apple’s stance on paying taxes on its oversees revenue, courtesy of

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