BrandPost: The Mac Malware Landscape – The Early Days

Opportunities multiply as they are seized, reads a famous line in Sun Tzu’s Art of War. It holds true on the battleground, as it does in cyberspace. And in more than a decade of writing commercial Mac malware, cyber-criminals have had lots of seized opportunities.

2017 has brought a noteworthy increase in the number of threats and malware infections targeting Mac OS X computers. In the past, the frequency of attacks against Windows and – later – Android users led to a widespread misconception that Apple products were untouchable. This, in turn, created a vicious circle where more market share means more attention from cyber-criminals.

The difference is that Mac malware activity in 2017 is far more aggressive than even in 2016, and, in some cases, difficult to detect, as hackers regularly improve distribution methods. Contrary to popular belief, Macs are also at risk, and Mac-designed malware is definitely not new.

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