Body cam footage of cop killing unarmed man disputed

Warning: Graphic images.

It all happened so quickly.

A 20-year-old unarmed Utah man was dead, shot twice by a Salt Lake City police officer. It happened 21 seconds after police responded to a 911 caller who said she saw “some gangbangers” who “flashed” a gun and were “obviously looking for trouble” outside a South Salt Lake City convenience store.

Dillon Taylor’s shooting death in August of 2014 was captured by the body cam of Officer Bron Cruz, who told investigators that he shot Taylor because there was “just hate, defiance, that he had in his eyes.” With more than 4.2 million YouTube views later, the footage is key evidence in the Taylor family’s civil rights lawsuit against the Salt Lake City authorities and Cruz. The footage shows Taylor walking away from the officer who shot Taylor three seconds after turning around. Cruz said he believed Taylor was armed and dangerous, as Taylor’s hands initially were in his waistband.

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