Blue Spark Digital Review 4

The Blue Spark Digital ($199.99 on Amazon) is a handy little condenser microphone that’s much smaller than its better-known big brother, the Blue Yeti. While the Blue Yeti excels at a lot of things, and can handle a wider variety of applications than the Spark Digital, the latter has one big advantage—the ability to directly connect to an iOS device via the included Lightning cable.

Just try to connect your Blue Yeti to your iPad, and you’ll be quickly met with the dreaded “this device uses too much power” message. You’ll see no such ominous messages when using the Blue Spark Digital, because it was made with iOS, specifically the iPad, in mind.

Although this microphone lacks the versatility of the Blue Yeti, most users will be more than satisfied with the sound quality for things like podcasting and voice-overs. The Spark lacks the varied polar patterns of Yeti, and thus can’t be used as an all-in-one microphone, but for a one-man gig, it’s almost perfect.... Read the rest of this post here

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