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B&H Photo and Video has a sale going on that won’t last long on the 12″ MacBook with 512GB of storage. B&H is also offering other deals on different MacBooks, which range from different storage tiers and colors. With that said, if you are looking for a discount on the 12″ MacBook, these deals might be something worth looking over. 

Most consumers would expect to pay $1,599 for the 12″ MacBook with 512GB of storage, but B&H is now taking off $200 from the Space Gray version. In addition, if you live outside of New York, you can get the 12″ MacBook for $1,399 out the door with no tax.

Below, folks will see more deals that B&H is offering with the MacBook devices, like the entry-level of the MacBook in Silver and Gold. Although the other deals aren’t as good as the $1,399 12″ MacBook with 512GB of Storage, they’re definitely better than paying full price.

Check Out These 12″ MacBook Deals By B&H:

You can also get other types of entry-level versions for $100 off at $1,199

You can also find the entry-level for a Gold model for $90 off at $1,209

Expect more deals to arrive on other Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more in the coming days.

Note: These deals will last for a limited time.

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