Better with age: The year’s best video game DLC

Not all that long ago, you used to be able to make a list of the year’s best games, confident that those titles would remain relatively static as time went on. That’s not the case anymore. With downloadable content becoming the norm rather than the exception, some of the best games of 2015 actually came out in previous years and were merely updated with intriguing new content this year.

That being the case, we thought it was worth augmenting our official Game of the Year picks for 2015 with this list of four titles that were much improved by downloadable updates during the last 12 months.

Mario Kart 8: DLC tracks and 200cc mode

In a dream world, Mario Kart’s next incarnation would be its last. We don’t want the series to end, per se; we just want it to relaunch as an endless, game-as-a-service title, with semi-annual tweaks and regular releases of new level and character packs.

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