ipad mini 3

Best Buy has been slashing prices down on certain Apple products, which includes the iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4. These deals range from $175 off of a large amount of iPad mini 3 and 4 units and increases depending on the color and storage space.

Best Buy is now offering new discounts on the iPad mini 3, which would be a nice gift during the holiday season. The mini 3 arrives with an A7 processor, and comes with Touch ID and Apple Pay support.

Below is Best Buy’s latest deals on the iPad mini 3 and 4:

Lastly, folks will be able to get the iPad mini 4, which features an extra GB of RAM, and is fully compatible with iOS 9’s features like Split View. You can find the latest deals on the iPad mini 4, which the current deal running takes $100 off the device on any color or tier, by heading over to Best Buy.com.

Note: These deals will only last for a limited time.

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