Belkin Wired Tablet Keyboard For iPad Pro & Mini

Belkin Wired Keyboard for iPad

Connect your iPad with the Belkin Wired Tablet Keyboard in a second. It’s fast, it’s easy, and securely clicks and connects safely to your iPad Pro or mini, with no need for batteries or charging.

Take it anywhere you go, rather it’s your school, house, cafe, or even work. The portable little keyboard can simply fit into just about any type of bag, while offering a perfect cable management compartment that helps keep users cables safely and neatly stored away for perfect easy convenience.Belkin keyboardThe keyboard features durable pry-resistant full-sized key controls and moderately fast responsiveness, to ensure a comfortable, quick and simple typing experience. Not only does it allow great storage for cables, great portability, and great features, you can also choose between portrait and landscape orientation to match your individual typing preference.

If your interested in purchasing the Belkin Wired Keyboard for iPad Pro and mini, you can visit Apple’s official website where it’s currently being sold for $59.95 with free shipping.

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