Belkin Valet Charging Dock Is Great For Your iPhone & Apple Watch

Belkin Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

If you’re looking for a faster way to charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch, then you might want to consider Belkin’s Valet Charging Dock. The Belkin Charging dock for Apple Watch and iPhone makes it convenient to charge both your devices at the same time. It’s slim, and charges much faster than your typical charger.

The dock features an integrated magnetic charger, a lightning connector, a power supply and a watch band support. Now what do they all do exactly? To break it down a little better, we’ll talk about the lightning connector and the magnetic charger first.

The magnetic charger and the lightning connector are both attached to the bottom of the dock, giving an all in-one charger station for both the iPhone and Apple Watch. This helps with a simple and clean look without any confusing, junky long wires. In addition, the magnetic charger charges your Apple Watch, while the Lightning cable charges your iPhone.

Belkin Valet Dock

The dock also features a watch band support and a power supply. The power supply is the electric energy in the electrical load that converts one form of electricity to another form of power, which helps the device to start-up. The watch band is there so users can simply prop their Apple Watch on it, for a convenient way of charging both the iPhone and Apple Watch.

The dock also comes with one AC tethered cable, and is compatible with the iPhone 5-6s Plus and the 38mm/42mm Apple Watch. You can purchase the Belkin Valet Charging Dock at Apple’s official website for $129.95 with free shipping and handling.

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