Apple has sent out an email to former listeners of the late and unlamented Beats Music service, warning them they have until January 19, 2016 to move their playlists, song picks, and preferences to Apple Music.

Beats Music Subscribers Must Transfer Playlists to Apple Music by Jan. 19


When Apple announced it would shut down Beats Music services in November, the company said it would give existing subscribers time to port user data over to Apple Music, but failed to specify an exact deadline. According to the note sent out today, Jan. 19 is that date. Beats Music went offline on Nov. 30.

The email also includes a link to activate a free three-month trial of Apple Music, and incentive offered to all new Apple Music users.

Apple acquired the Beats Music service last year, as a part of its $3 billion grab of Beats Electronics. While Apple has kept its new Beat Electronics division as a standalone brand, it brought some of the Beats Music technology into its Apple Music offering, while discontinuing the Beats Music service.

The Apple Music service, which launched in June, currently has over 6.5 million paying subscribers, while another 8.5 million are still enjoying their trial subscriptions. While the service originally was iOS and Mac only, it has expanded to the new Apple TV, and even Android devices.