Bay Area: Join us 3/21 to explore the future of video game design

Enlarge / Tracy Fullerton is the director of USC's Game Innovation Lab and has created a number of indie games that experiment with game design and storytelling. (credit: Tracy Fullerton)

After nearly 50 years of innovation, where are video games headed next? Ars Technica Live returns with guest Tracy Fullerton, an award-winning, experimental game designer and director of USC’s Game Innovation Lab. Tracy has spent her entire career developing games as an entrepreneur, teacher, and designer. The Night Journey is her latest indie game and is a collaboration with artist Bill Viola.

Tracy’s work at USC gives her a broad perspective on what's coming next for games, both technologically and artistically. Join Ars Technica editors Samuel Axon and Annalee Newitz in conversation with Tracy at the next Ars Technica Live on March 21 at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland.

Tracy is the designer and director of Walden, a game, an adaptation of Henry David Thoreau’s experiment at Walden Pond, which was recently awarded “Game of the Year” and “Most Significant Impact” at Game for Change. Currently, she’s director of the USC Game Innovation Lab, a research center that has produced several influential independent games, including Cloud, flOw, and Darfur is Dying. She is the author of Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games, a design textbook in use at game programs worldwide, and she holds the Electronic Arts Endowed Chair in Interactive Entertainment. Other recent projects include Collegeology, a suite of college preparation games funded by the Department of Education, the Gilbert Foundation, and the Gates Foundation, and Reality Ends Here, an alternate-reality game for incoming freshmen at the School of Cinematic Arts.

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