Battleborn hands-on: “Not a MOBA, not a MOBA, not a MOBA”

I’m playing Battleborn, trying to bash away at the giant metal leg of this giant metal spider, and I think it’s doing something. I also think my team is doing something behind me, but I’m right next to a giant metal leg (on a giant metal spider), so I can’t really be sure. Or see, for that matter. Then I throw my axe to see if I can do a bit more damage, and suddenly realise I can’t pick it back up—there’s a giant metal leg in the way. I die.

Suffice to say, my very first impression of Battleborn was not what you would call positive.

Half a dozen matches later, though, and I think I’ve found a groove. This isn’t a hack-and-slash first-person game; it’s not a pure shooter; it has MOBA elements but isn’t a MOBA; and I can hand-on-heart say it even has some RTS-y parts to it. It sounds confusing, but Battleborn does make sense.

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