Battery MAX PRO

The Battery MAX PRO is a new generation battery app, that helps users better understand exactly how to get the most out of your battery life from your iPhone, iPod and iPad, so it can stay up and run much longer and stronger than before.

The app comes with an extra set of super handy features and system information, that helps you better understand exactly what you can do; To help prolong and lengthen your device’s battery bar for more talk time, play time etc. These instructions come with audio tips, video tips, and stand by tips on where to directly go in your settings and options, to help stop unnecessary drainage and usage from your device’s battery.

Another interesting feature the app comes with, is that it also shows users their battery charge status, its device performance, the background operation and even your processes and CPU monitoring that includes their process names, run times and priority and PID information.

This App was tested and certified on all Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads, with a iOS 7.0 on up, and is $2.99 at the App Store. For additional information and reviews about this app, you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source info: BGR, App Store

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