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Apple Maps Now Has Over 30 Indoor Maps Of Popular Airports

For those who prefer Apple Maps over Google Maps will be happy to know that the Cupertino-based company has added over 30 indoor maps of select airports and malls.

Apple has added indoor maps of popular airports and malls just in time for the holiday season. This new feature will help you save time when picking up friends and family from the airport or finding your way around confusing terminals.

If an airport or mall is supported, all you have to do is look for the words “Look Inside” within Maps. Once you tap this feature, a bird’s eye view layout of the mall or airport will pop up.

Apple first announced the indoor map feature at its annual WWDC and began gradually rolling out maps of select airports since the launch of iOS 11.

At the moment, Apple Maps has a total of 34 U.S. and international airports and indoor maps for malls in nine U.S. cities. You can check out the complete list of supported airports over on Apple’s website.

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Relax & UnWind With The New SimpleNoise App For The iPhone & iPad

If you’re looking for an app that will help you relax, then you might be interested in the new SimpleNoise app, since it’s dedicated in just helping you to unwind and de-stress. This app features the highest quality of white, pink and brown noise samples, that have helped thousands of people of all age groups and professions, to relax, improve their overall mood and sleep better.

The benefits of color noise have been proven to help in many different clinics, schools, households and offices around the world; so taking a few minutes to sit back and listen to this app, might help after a long day of work, activities or anything else that might stress you out. Because after all, this app comes with a ton of different sounds and classical songs to sooth away any worries in your day, as well as a nice and easy intuitive layout, that’s not too hard on the eyes or to maneuver around.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with:

  • Comes with seamless multitasking and background audio when you exit the app
  • Features 16-bit / 44.1KHz CD quality samples of white, pink and brown noise
  • Has an oscillation toggle for a dynamic listening experience
  • Is scientifically proven to help with sleep, soothe migraines and melt away any stress
  • Comes with a sleep timer that will automatically close the app to conserve your phone’s battery life
  • Has a brightness overlay to adjust the screen display on the app

So if SimpleNoise seems like an app you could see yourself downloading and using, then you can always be sure to check it out over at the App Store, where it’s currently going for free for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 8.0 or later.

Source: BGR

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The New iMac Pro Is Non-Upgradable, What’s Your Thoughts?



Recently, Apple debuted its new design of the iMac Pro, this new design is orchestrated with particular technicians in mind to perform an upgrade, either by Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Either you are going to love or hate this new design Apple has recently made on its new iMac Pro, the new design has been set-up to defer the average user or third-party from opening the iMac Pro and performing their own upgrade of RAM to their desire. Apple designed it to be professionally upgraded by either a technician at an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Many are questioning whether this is a good or bad move made by Apple. The way Apple designed its new iMac Pro, there is no rear hatch. If a user decides not to go the route of using an Apple Store or one of Apple’s Authorized Service Providers, there is a third option, third-party service providers will be able to offer non-Apple RAM or depending on the service provider, users may be able to bring in their own RAM. But it leaves the question if anything were to happen under the operation of a third-party, will you look for Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to come to the rescue to repair the damage? pretty sure the answer is not.

For those who are considering purchasing the recent released iMac Pro, the retail price is starting at $4,999 US dollars, which includes 32GB of 2666MHz ECC RAM along with a Retina 5K display, Xeon Processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz, and up to 42MB cache. Just to name a few more amenities it also features Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics processor, Apple’s T2 chip, and advanced thermal management. The main question is, are you as a consumer satisfied with this new concept of how customers will have to upgrade if they desire to?

Source: Macrumors, Apple

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Coral Floral iPhone Case

This is the Coral Floral iPhone Case by HelloNutcase. This iPhone case goes for 16.15-28.05 [Regularly priced at 19.00-$33.00] and has this to offer for those who might be interested in purchasing this case:


3D vs. 2D

The main difference between 3D and 2D Form is that Full Wrap 3D Form case graphic WRAPS AROUND the edges (shown in the first image) versus on Bumper 2D Form case graphic gets printed ONLY ON THE BACK with your choice of side color & material.

For Bumper 2D Form cases please visit this section and for Clear Rubber cases this section

We offer the following case options:


● 3D Form SLIM PLASTIC CASE (image #1)
The slimmest option – a very low profile semi-hard plastic that snaps on your phone with the graphic that wraps around the edges. The material is durable, and the screen side edge of the case makes a small lip for protecting screen when your smartphone is placed on the screen. Those looking for ease of use and a slim stylish look prefer these cases. We do not use stickers, decals or glued-on images on our cases. Our cases are designed in our NJ Design Studio & printed with the latest technology & inks that provide absolutely beautiful texture & vibrant color hues. Available in matte and gloss finish.

● 3D Form TOUGH CASE with CLEAR INLAY (images #2 and #3)
Our 3D Form Tough Cases are absolutely gorgeous! This is the best looking and most durable case that is made from clear silicone inside lining with plastic outer shell! It’s highly recommended case and it’s our best selling product that offers protection without being too bulky. Crystal Clear inlay nicely compliments design and provides protective front side lip. Clear inlay part also covers all edges and conceals all device buttons allowing easy access to ports, while plastic back side gives that double protection for back and sides. It’s SLIM and STYLISH yet TOUGH and DURABLE. It feels simply awesome in you hand! Non-brand charger connectors might be difficult to use. Available in matte and gloss finish.


It’s totally your preference – both are beautiful finishes! We prefer to see natural textures such as wood, linen, vintage tile etc. on matte case and for more abstract fractals, marble and even florals we would suggest gloss finish. Matte finish might feel a bit less slippery than gloss. You’re not going to see any fingerprints on either finish. Both will feel great in your hand!

Please select from the Device menu:

Apple iPhone devices:
iPhone SE Slim
iPhone SE TOUGH —> comes with CLEAR INLAY
iPhone 6S Slim
iPhone 6S TOUGH —> comes with CLEAR INLAY
iPhone 6 Slim
iPhone 6 TOUGH —> comes with CLEAR INLAY
iPhone 6S Plus Slim
iPhone 6S Plus TOUGH —> comes with CLEAR INLAY
iPhone 6 Plus Slim
iPhone 6 Plus TOUGH —> comes with CLEAR INLAY
iPhone 5/5S Plus Slim
iPhone 5/5S TOUGH —> comes with CLEAR INLAY

Samsung Galaxy devices:
Samsung S7 Slim
Samsung S7 TOUGH —> comes with CLEAR INLAY
Samsung S6 Slim
Samsung S6 TOUGH —> comes with CLEAR INLAY

NOTE* If you wish this or any other design on Bumper style 2D Form Case please convo us. Anything is possible!

To see more photos of our cases and other products please follow us on Instagram: @hellonutcase or visit our site

“Hellonutcase” watermark will NOT appear on your case. It’s added to protect our designs. WOOD, LINEN, MARBLE, ABALONE and etc. textures are not real. All textures are PRINTS. All our cases are made to order. Please allow 3-4 working days for production.


Clear Rubber Case:
Gold & Silver Cases:
Full Wrap 3D Form Cases:
Bumper 2D Form Cases:
Wallet cases:


Home & office goods @
Vintage treasures @
Original illustration prints @
Vintage prints @


We will ship the item within 3 – 4 business days after receiving payment with USPS First Class Mail service. We will notify the buyer after shipping via email with tracking number.


UNUSED items in the original condition & packaging may be returned within 15 days of receipt for a refund (excluding shipping charges). Return shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility and are non-refundable.

We DO NOT offer any returns or exchanges on personalized or customized cases. If you have any questions before purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Please visit, like and follow us:

On Web:
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On Pinterest: @onesweetorange
On Instagram: @hellonutcase & @onesweetorange
On Twitter: @hellonutcase

All designs and copy are the exclusive property of Onesweetorange, LLC and are protected under the United States and International Copyright laws. The images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the written permission of Onesweetorange, LLC.

Use of any image as the basis for another design concept or illustration (digital, artist rendering or alike) is a violation of the United States and International Copyright laws.

Copyright © 2007 – 2016 HelloNutcase & Onesweetorange, LLC. All rights reserved.

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Incorporated. Samsung and Galaxy are trademarks of Samsung Incorporated.

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Apple First Apple Store In Korea Will Open Dec. 30

Two weeks from now, Apple will open its first Apple Store in Korea. The new Apple Store will be located in Seoul, South Korea, which is blocks away from Samsung’s headquarter.

ETNews reports that Apple has finished major interior decorations and is expecting to have the store opened to the public on December 30. At first, Apple planned to wrap up the project by November 30, but the company had a few delays and now Apple is hoping to have everything finished in two weeks.

The Apple Store construction company said on November 11, “We have finished all the major interior decorations of the Apple Store and left only a simple task,”… Apple has decided to open the Apple store Seoul Gangnam store (first store) on Saturday, December 30, in consultation with the construction company. Unless there are special problems at the final stage of the construction, it will open from 10 am to 11 am on the day. 

In order to meet this goal, construction workers are working nights and weekends. It is said that Apple has already hired and trained its staff for its new store.

The store is said to measure around 13,960 square feet (1,297 square meters), spanning ground and basement levels.

At the moment, Samsung and LG have captured the smartphone sales in Korea, so it should be interesting to see if the new Apple Store can help boost sales for the iPhone.

Source: 9To5Mac

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