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Apple executives receive stock incentives worth up to $31M

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Apple recently handed out restricted stock unit awards to its leadership team, with executives including SVP of Retail Angela Ahrendts, SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller and others receiving 128,584 RSUs scheduled to vest through fiscal 2022.

Apple issues third macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra beta to developers

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Hot on the heels of Monday's slate of beta software releases, Apple on Tuesday issued a third beta version of macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra to developers for testing.

Google testing multi-account access for Gmail in iOS

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Google is testing out a new Gmail feature that allows users to access third-party email accounts from its iOS app, putting the title in direct competition with other multi-account email titles including Apple's own Mail.

Top iPad apps adding Drag and Drop support within the first month of iOS 11

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This summer, Apple unveiled a series of new iOS 11 features specific to iPad, including new Dock navigation and support for Drag and Drop, enabling sophisticated new ways to work with documents between apps. Within its first month of availability, scores of third party developers have already added support to their iPad apps.

Long, rough road ahead for Qualcomm and Apple in Chinese courts

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A series of experts on the Chinese courts, patent attorneys, and other specialists have weighed in on the Apple versus Qualcomm battle, and believe that resolution through the system is well more than a year away, assuming that an agreement is not reached before then.

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