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iPhone XR may reduce ASP but should outpace iPhone 8 shipments by 50 percent

The iPhone XR will fare far better than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in terms of shipments, Robert Cihra of Guggenheim Securities predicts, but while the low cost could hurt the overall iPhone average selling price, the release w…

Chinese consumer group demands Apple compensate stolen Apple ID owners

The China Consumer Association is calling on Apple to fully compensate people who lost money as a result of stolen iCloud accounts, arguing the company is downplaying a recent security breach.

Apple’s Mac and iPad event, murder and the Apple Watch & more on the AppleInsider podcast

The AppleInsider Podcast gets into international intrigue, as we talk about murder, Apple Watch, and also, what we think Apple’s going to announce at the next event.

Apple releases USB-C charging cable for Apple Watch

As the new iPhone XR comes out, so does a single accessory — but it’s not for the phone. Instead, it’s for connecting your Watch to a USB-C port instead of the regular USB-A one.

Ready to preorder Apple’s iPhone XR? Here’s where to get the best deal

Now that iPhone XR preorders are up and running, wireless carriers are offering discounts on the new devices. We’re rounding up where to find the best deals, including buy one, get one free promotions.