Aura can detect motion anywhere in your house using nothing but Wi-Fi radio waves

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If you’ve never heard of Aura, prepare to be simultaneously wowed and a little creeped out. This brilliant home system serves as a house-wide motion detection system, but it doesn’t use any conventional motion detectors like the ones you’ve seen before. Instead, Aura constantly monitors the Wi-Fi radio waves that are always present in your home, and it reads the patterns they make as they bounce around through every room in your house or apartment. Those patterns change anytime there’s motion, and Aura uses that info to send you notifications, trigger an alarm, or even perform actions with your smart home gadgets thanks to IFTTT integration. The Aura Starter Kit is available right now on Amazon, and we definitely recommend checking it out.

  • Easy setup: Simply plug in the devices and download the Aura app to get started
  • Coverage: Use the Aura Starter Kit to cover up to 700 square feet, and add up to 3 -Accessory Beacons to expand coverage and unlock motion localization capabilities
  • Automation: Connect Aura to your favourite smart home products using IFTTT, or control Aura’s Scenes by voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Privacy: Aura has no cameras or microphones so rest assured you can keep your private life private

Aura Starter Kit: $199.00

The starter kit covers about 700 square feet, and you can get additional beacons if you need to cover more space:

Aura Accessory Beacon for Starter Kit: $99.00

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