(credit: Chris Young)

AT&T is trying to nudge customers on grandfathered unlimited data plans to switch to ones with limited data. But the company's latest move isn't all that punitive: AT&T is raising the price, but for the first time in seven years, and by only $5 a month.

The $30-per-month plan will cost $35 starting in February, AT&T announced. The change will affect a few million customers.

Compared to AT&T's years-long history of throttling customers on the old unlimited plans (which aren't offered to new customers), the price increase is pretty tame. It's also still cheap compared to Verizon, which recently raised its unlimited price from $30 to $50 a month. (The AT&T and Verizon prices don't include what customers pay for voice calls and text messaging, which can bring the total bill closer to the $80-100 range.)

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