AT&T says 5G is going to bring carrier-locked phones back in a big way

5G smartphones coming, AT&Tq

5G will be making its proper mobile debut next year, according to everything we've heard. That means 5G smartphones -- and hopefully, they'll be real smartphones, not just tablets that we're calling phones -- running on real, mobile 5G networks that subscribers can sign up for. 5G promises much faster speeds and higher capacity, not to mention more consistent performance, so networks have been hyping up its arrival for yearas.

But according to AT&T VP of radio networks and device design Gordon Mansfield, the arrival of 5G smartphones will bring some unintended consequences, at least in the short run. Speaking to PC Mag, Mansfield revealed that the unique demands of 5G will mean that initially, 5G smartphones won't be transferrable between networks.

You know what that means: Carrier-locked devices are back, baby!

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