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Currently limited to “select areas,” some AT&T subscribers will now be able to place VoLTE calls to people on other carrier networks, which will increase the chance of better call quality and multitasking.

Cross-networking VoLTE calls are currently restricted to “select areas,” and only when connected to a single “unspecific” carrier. This information noted above comes from AT&T’s official about page, which the company also noted that the technology will soon roll out across the U.S., and cover multiple carriers.

VoLTE allows iPhone users to enable HD Voice, providing clearer and more natural-sounding calls than those over regular voice network. In addition, it also improves the bandwidth for simultaneous voice and app use, which is usually capped at 3G speeds.

It’s worth noting that AT&T is late to cross-carrier support, since T-Mobile has been testing the feature for quite some time. However, AT&T did note that some form of VoLTE is now available in 96% of its LTE coverage area, which covers a large portion of the country.

Source info: about.att.com

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