AT&T Begins Phasing In Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Calling to Other Carriers


A number of AT&T customers should now be able to place VoLTE (voice over LTE) calls to their contacts that are on other carriers. V0LTE offers better call quality and faster data service while on a call.

AT&T Begins Phasing In Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Calling to Other Carriers


Cross-network VoLTE calls are currently limited to “select areas,” and only when connected to a single unspecified carrier, AT&T said in a brief announcement. Eventually the technology should roll out across the U.S., and cover multiple carriers.

Voice over LTE offers AT&T users clearer and better sounding calls via HD Voice, as well as improving the bandwidth available for simultaneous data and voice usage, which via normal connections tops out at 3G speeds.

AT&T is not the first carrier to offer VoLTE support to its customers, as T-Mobile has been testing the feature for awhile now. AT&T says its VoLTE network covers more than 296 million Americans, including more than 27 million active AT&T subscribers.

The carrier says its network is set up to allow customers who have capable devices instant access as soon as the service is available in their area. AT&T customers can check to see if VoLTE is available in their area, by checking the AT&T coverage map.

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