At least 6 major providers are hiking pay TV prices – here’s what you can do about it

Cord Cutting Options 2018

This will surely come as a shock, so we hope you're sitting down: pay TV prices are rising. Crazy, right!? All joking aside, cable and satellite television service providers seize every opportunity they can to hike prices, and at least six major pay TV providers in the US either have already raised their prices or are about to raise their prices. After all, the best way to combat the dramatic increase in the pace at which US households are cutting the cord is to drive prices even higher! Sorry, we said all joking aside...

Prices are set to rise in 2018 pretty much across the board, and most people will be affected as soon as sometime this month. If you're still on an introductory "double play" or "triple play" package with your pay TV provider, you won't be impacted immediately. Of course, you'll still have to swallow the price hikes once your intro rate expires.

Which pay TV companies are raising their prices? What can you do to stop it? We'll tell you everything you need to know in this post.

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