Astronomers spot oldest galaxy ever detected by looking back in time 11 billion years

oldest galaxy

You already know that humans are newbies when it comes to the age of the universe — in fact, "new" doesn't adequately describe the incredibly brief period of time we've existed here on Earth, but I digress. But thanks to the speed limit of light, we're able to peer backwards in time and see things playing out in the cosmos that have long since passed. A new study by researchers with the Swinburne University of Technology and the Australian National University takes advantage of that to reveal the most ancient galaxy ever spotted.

The galaxy, called A1689B11, isn't just old, it's an absolute antique, and it took a combination of extremely powerful technology and a whole lot of fancy math to even know it was there. But now that we do, the 11-billion-year-old galaxy could reveal some fantastic secrets about the behavior of ancient galaxies and how they formed.

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