Astronomers just spotted a new ‘Super Earth’ planet that feels a whole lot like home

super earth

Humans originated here on planet Earth and, all things considered, it's a mighty nice place to be, but we won't be able to stay here forever. Eventually, something will drive us from our home, and whether that something is our Sun's eventual death, some type of natural cataclysm, or the damage we've caused to our own environment, we're going to need to find a new home if we want humanity to live on. When we finally decide to make the move, a planet called K2-18b might be our destination.

K2-18b orbits the star K2-18 (see how that works?), and while it's quite a ways from our own Solar System, it might be worth the trip. First discovered back in 2015, the planet is thought to lie within its star's habitable zone, and if it does indeed have a rocky core as scientists believe, it may well have liquid water on its surface. If we're particularly lucky, it might even already support life.

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