Occasionally, I get a number of questions that cover related topics around the same time. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about seeing things in iTunes, and on iOS. One is about seeing artwork for different songs. Another is about seeing the names of songs in the iOS Music app, which isn’t always easy. And the third is about the small font size in iTunes; I offer a workaround that can make it easier to read these tiny texts.

I want to see all my artwork

Q: With older versions of iTunes, artwork for a selected song displayed in the lower left corner. I have a lot of albums that are collections of songs, where each one has different artwork. I noticed that when I view music in iTunes 12, it shows the first track’s artwork for all songs in that album. I know that the individual song artwork shows up at the top of the iTunes window, but it is very small. Is there a way to get iTunes to show each song’s artwork rather than the album artwork?

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