Ars’ scientific ranking of the most fun Overwatch characters

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Since Overwatch's launch last week, there has been a proliferation of online lists ranking the game's 21 characters on their raw power, or their effectiveness in certain modes, or their ability to counter certain other characters, or whatever metric you'd like.

Those lists are useful and fine for what they are. But after playing the game extensively for the last week or so (and seeing our beta impressions validated in a post-launch environment), we thought it would be more useful to rank the characters by how much fun we've had playing as each of them.

Below, Ars gaming contributor Steven Strom and I place every single Overwatch character into one of three self-explanatory tiers: "Fun," "Meh," and "Not Fun." These rankings are based partly on how useful the characters are to helping the team (because winning is fun), but they're more focused on how interesting and versatile characters are for inventive and satisfying play. The rankings all assume the character is filling a needed hole in the team, too. A team of six Tracers is a lot less fun than a team where other characters can help protect her, for example.

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