Archaeologists think they’ve proven Santa was real, and they have his bones

santa was real

Santa season is here, and on December 25th many young children will be tearing open gifts they believe were dropped off by an incredibly efficient delivery man who swooped down their chimneys and bestowed presents upon them. Santa, as children today think of him, is of course not real (sorry), but the mythical figure is based on what some believe was a real-life saint, and now archaeologists believe they've got his bones.

Researchers from New Oxford University have been studying human remains that, legend says, are those of St Nicholas. Hailing from the fourth century, tales of St Nicholas paint a picture of an incredibly generous (and fabulously wealthy) man who became famous for his gift-giving nature, but actual evidence that the man was real has remained elusive. Now, samples of bone have suggested that the man may have been more than a myth.

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