Archaeologists discover ancient tools that actually came from space

iron meteorite tools

We may still be looking for proof that aliens exist, but new research into some very curious ancient tools now reveals that humans were using extraterrestrial material long before mankind even dreamed of flying out of Earth's atmosphere. The findings, which were published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, reveal that some incredibly old iron artifacts date to a time well before humans had the technological wit to smelt iron ore, and as it turns out, the iron used in their construction actually fell from the sky.

Archaeologists have long suspected that the iron occasionally found amongst Bronze Age artifacts had otherworldly origins, but actually testing those weapons and tools proved more challenging than you might imagine. Preservation is key when it comes to objects that have been lying in wait for thousands of years to be discovered, so many types of testing simply can't be done for fear of damage. The researchers found a way around that, and made a fantastic discovery.

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