Apple’s U.S. Smart Keyboard For 9.7 And 12.9-Inch iPad Pro

keyboardThe Smart Keyboard is slim, lightweight and quite easy and portable to carry around, and it’s simple to connect to the 9.7, and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the Smart Connector.

If you have either the iPad Pro 9.7 or the 12.9-inch you might consider this a great companion for your iPad Pro. The Smart Keyboard which is an innovative interface that allows the user to use this technology in more than one way, this up to-date new way of getting the work done regardless of where you are, allows more freedom for you to switch from plugs, and pairing to more portable versatility. No batteries or charging is required.

The Smart Keyboard is quite simple to use, just unfold, and when you are done using this neat compact keyboard, simply fold it back together again. This lightweight slim keyboard has been designed to be durable and to be used on a daily basis. A couple of its features on the Onscreen Shortcut Bar allows you to copy and paste – with just a couple of taps and it’s done, as well as you can change the font style to bold, italicize, or underline. This compact lightweight baby will also allow the user to customize the Onscreen Shortcut Bar using third-party apps.

The material is made out of protective polyurethane for the outer layer and a soft microfiber is used for inner lining. The keys have been laser ablated into a single sheet of durable custom-woven fabric, which provides a spring-like tension for each key, and the fabric has a water and stain resistant finish.  The cost for the 9.7-inch Smart Keyboard is $149, and for the 12.9-inch Smart Keyboard is $169, for more details or to purchase online visit Most major retailers should also carry this product in store and online.



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