Apple’s Seoul Office In South Korea Raided By Korean Authorities

Reports are stating just before the iPhone X was to launch in South Korea, Apple’s Seoul office was raided by South Korean authorities.

This past week the Korean Fair Trade Commission made a visit to Apple’s South Korea, Seoul office to ask questions about Apple’s operational business practices. A recent rumor surfaced regarding the timing of this investigation by the South Korean authorities, it seems just so happen this was the week Apple was launching its latest flagship the iPhone X. The timing of the raid made some question if this raid only occurred just to sabotage the successful launching of the iPhone X.

It seems the Korean Fair Trade Commission has been accused in the past of protecting local companies against competition with Apple. It’s no secret that South Korea is Samsung and LG home turf, causing some to believe this latest raid was carried out to hinder Apple’s success in launching the iPhone X against its rivalry competition.

One report stated they believe this recent investigation stems from last years probe in which Apple was said to be involved in “unfair” contracts with local phone networks, and this last raid is just a continuation of that investigation. Hopefully, this last raid will bring satisfaction to both parties and cease the investigations while Apple continues conducting business in South Korea.

Source: Dailymail

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