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In recent news, Apple’s Swift team posted source code for the Swift compiler and standard library functions and objects. Open-sourcing Swift is a big win for developers as it means Swift can now be setup to run on a server and much more, bringing Apple programming talent and expertise beyond making apps for Macs and iOS devices.

In addition, Apple is also inviting the community to help make Swift better, by contributing to the language itself. However, it is yet to be seen how Apple will handle significant community pull-request. The Swift site notes that the project prefers “small incremental improvements.”

The company is publishing code for raw language compiler as well as the Swift standard library and parts of Foundation. Furthermore, Frameworks like AppKit and UIKit are still exclusive to Mac and iOS app development. However, the published ‘core libraries’ include some of the most important components from Appkit and UIKit. In addition, Apple notes that these features are actually planned for official release in the third version of Swift, but will include them now for feedback in the early development stages. For those that are interested, you can visit swift.org to learn more.

Source info: MacRumors

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