Apple’s power is its attention to detail, down to the power cable

You guys are going to be totally with me, aren’t you, when I tell you I have a favorite power cable. And you’re gonna stay with me for the next 600 words while I tell you about it, yes? Strap in.

We all have at last one drawer, one cubby hole, one dusty cardboard box in the corner which is filled with sundry cables, and the reason for this is because we know that as soon as we dispose of just one of them we will need it again after a gap of hours, days or weeks, the specific duration of which is governed by a complex and capricious equation whose key variable is how easy it is to replace said cable in a hurry.

But my favorite power cable, the one you see at the top of the page, never has to slum it, tumbled in with the rest of the normal power cables. Not for it the ignominy of being wrestled unceremoniously out of a knotted tangle of dull, unremarkable, interchangeable compatriots and jammed unthinkingly into an appliance. No, no; it is bestowed upon the deserving. What device, I ask myself, is worthy of this cable? It is reverentially transferred, redeployed from one special Mac to a newer one, and why? Because it’s just nice.

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