Apple’s Patent For A Flexible Battery Could Be For The 2020 iPhone

Talk has it that Apple’s patent for a flexible battery has resurfaced again, rumors state that the battery would have an extended battery life for a future foldable iPhone.

Last year, Apple filed a patent application for a flexible battery pack designed to be used in a future iPhone with improvements of having an extended battery life for the electronic handset. Talk has it that this flexible battery would fit great with Apple’s future intentions of making the iPhone either foldable or quite flexible.

The rumors are stating that Apple is planning on developing a foldable iPhone by 2020, and incorporating a battery that will not only be flexible enough to bend and twist with the iPhone, but also provide a longer lasting battery.

The patent diaphragm displays a concept flexible battery that would be able to extend the battery life of the iPhone, the flexibility of the battery would make it easier to fit into the handset and more agile to move around inside the handset. As more rumors and talk develop around this new concept, stay tuned for more updates as information surfaces.


Source: Gizbot, Wccftech

Photo Credit: Patently Apple

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