Apple on Thursday posted another quick 15-second spot for the iPhone 6s and its always-on “Hey Siri” feature. In the video, dubbed “On the Set,” Actor/Director Jon Favreau is directing a gymnastics sequence from a movie, and is trying to explain to the actors how he wants them to hold out their arms. In a moment of inspiration, Favreau asks Siri to show him photos of flying squirrels.

Apple's New 'Hey Siri' Ad Features Jon Favreau

The new spot is just the latest in a series of ads for the iPhone 6s that feature celebrities, part of an overall campaign that uses the tagline “The only thing that’s changed is everything.” Previous spots have starred Bill Hader, Jamie Foxx, and more using Apple’s new flagship device in their daily lives.

Earlier this week, Apple released two other iPhone 6s spots. The first spot focuses on the power of the iPhone’s new A9 processor for performing tasks like using the Messages app, making use of the new 3D Touch feature, playing games, using the camera, and various specialized apps, including a speedometer app, business apps, Apple Pay, and more. The the second spot features Siri, and shows iPhone owners making use of the feature while participating in various activities, such as driving, shopping, looking for a coffee shop, and even movie star Penelope Cruz working on a crossword puzzle.