Apple’s New Downtown Brooklyn Store Has Custom Design

Apple’s newly custom design store in downtown Brooklyn, New York City, has all the right amenities for a tranquil and quiet store.

Apple specifically had a certain atmosphere in mind, when they decided to create a quiet and tranquil store in a busy and heavy traffic area in Brooklyn, New York. The store was specially designed around train and subway noise, and bustling people.

The engineering of the floor itself was designed to be isolated from the rest of the building, the reason for this design was due to the Atlantic Terminal which is the main focus of the intersection of the five major subway lines. Just standing outdoors in front of the Apple store, one can feel the train strong vibration as it enters the train station. The isolated floor helps minimize any vibration one may feel as the incoming train approaches the terminal.

The custom design also helps keep out noise and vibration throughout the store, in doing so, this aids the acoustics from within the space of the store. The outside overhead sloping timber canopy is about 30 feet and was designed to create what is called “premium sound experience.” The outside wood panels actually have space in them so that the sound gets absorbed into them, but does not bounce back out of them. The massive special custom Sedak glass from Germany fits the decor perfectly. Like all other new renovated Apple stores, this store has Genius Grove, potted Ficus trees, wood tables, wood box seating, and the large 6K video screen to set off that holistic atmosphere.

The new store located at 123 Flatbush Ave. will debut on its grand opening set for December 2, 2017, at 10:00 a.m.

Source: Appleinsider

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