Apple’s Magic Trackpad 1 v. Magic Trackpad 2: The carpal tunnel smackdown

I’m two-wristing Apple’s Magic Trackpads. The new version is on the left side. My trusty Magic Mouse is always at the ready. Go Raiders! (credit: Homer Kravets)

I seized on the moment when Apple released the original Magic Trackpad in 2010. I bought two and have been using them in unison ever since—one for each hand—all in a bid to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, or at least keep it at bay.

So when Apple recently released the Magic Trackpad 2, I was excited to test it out. Many of the reviews out there panned the device as being too expensive, not really being any different than the previous iteration, and perhaps an example of Apple’s arrogance of assuming that, if it builds it, people will buy it. Sure, the new $129 model is nearly double the price of the original, but it now has rechargeable batteries, force touch, a bigger surface, and it looks cooler.

But I don’t care what it looks like. I don’t care whether its battery innards are rechargeable, either. I wanna know how this ridiculously overpriced device stacks up in the battle against carpal tunnel syndrome. I work on a Mac at least 60 hours per week or more, and gripping any mouse for that long, even Apple’s Magic Mouse, can be a pain in the wrist.

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