Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program

iPhone upgrade program

If you haven’t heard already, Apple has introduce their iPhone Upgrade Program. The purpose of the program is to offer choices under one canopy, the program is design to make purchasing an iPhone easy and affordable.

Apple decided to bring together a package deal with all the amenities in one, basically providing not only the iPhone, but the financing through Citizen Bank, and AppleCare+ all in one package. If you are one who desire having a new iPhone every year, this program may fit the bill. The Upgrade program offers 1. Annual upgrades or if you find you are not ready to part with your iPhone, you can wait 24 months and then update, the choice is yours with this program. 2. iPhones purchase through the program will offer unlock devices. 3. Users will have the option to choose from four carriers, which are: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. 4. Affordable monthly payments are offered. 5. As I stated above, the AppleCare+ is provided in the monthly payments offering one year limited warranty.

The iPhone Upgrade Program is financed through Citizen Bank, which offers the Citizen One payment plan for U.S. citizens. In order to qualify for the program, you do have to provide your social security number, date of birth for credit check, and a valid personal credit card number, debit and prepaid cards are not accepted, as well as two forms of personal identification. The payment plan has been design to spread the cost over 24 months, but with the option to get a new iPhone after 12 months of payments. An example of the monthly payments for an iPhone 6s would be: 16GB $32.41, 64GB $36.58, and for 128GB $40.75. For an iPhone 6s Plus, the monthly payment would be: 16GB $36.58, 64GB $40.75, and for 128 GB $44.91. Note: taxes and fees are included in your first installment payment.

Now for a little insight on the AppleCare+ program, this program offers up to two years of hardware repairs, software support, and up to 2 incidents of Accidental Damage coverage. The hardware and software coverage includes: the iPhone, battery, earPods and accessories, usage of iOS, iCloud, and Apple made apps, as well as connecting to Wi-Fi.  The two incidents of Accidental Damage coverage includes: screen damage, accidental drops, and liquid damage. With this new concept being presented by Apple, you might want to investigate other providers who offer similar incentives to this program, to see which one works best for you. You can read more in-depth information on this upgrade program on

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