Apple’s Annual iTunes Connect Shutdown Will Happen Dec. 23-27

If you’re a developer, you may want to mark your calendar for Apple’s annual iTunes Connect downtime, which will happen at the end of next month.

Apple announced that the annual iTunes Connect downtime will run between December 23 and 27. This means developers won’t be able to submit or manage content for the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store for those few days. If you aren’t aware of iTunes Connect, it’s a portal through which developers are allowed to submit apps or app updates.

In case you’re wondering why Apple is binding developers from submitting apps during that time frame, the tech company has been giving its employees a holiday break for the past some many years and this year is no different.

Developers are advised to make necessary changes or offer promotions before the App Store closes. However, there will be some iTunes Connect tools that will remain accessible to developers during the downtime. Apple says that developers can let customers know about upcoming features and promotion using the promotion text field in iOS 11.


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