iphone-7-boxApple does it again, the company has proven that its devices are a hot gift for the holiday season, even though its sales have been slowing down.

According to data published by analytics firm Flurry, Apple beat Samsung during the holiday season and sold double the amount of devices than Samsung. The data shows phones and apps activation through the week leading up to Christmas. Flurry data shows that 44 percent of those new phone activation were Apple devices.

Samsung was the second most popular device with 21 percent and Huawei came in third with 3 percent. As for the rest of the manufacturers, LG, Amazon, Oppo, Xiaomi and Motorola all tied with two percent. Absent from the list was Google, which launched its Pixel flagship earlier this year, but didn’t seem to be a desired gift to give this holiday season.


Chris Lotzbach, Director at Flurry and Lali Kesiraju, Maketing and Analytics Manager at Flurry wrote on the company’s blog, “With only two devices, the Pixel and Pixel XL, and mixed market reception, Google struggled to drum up excitement this holiday season,”.

Flurry also noted that Samsung has gone up by 1 percent compared to last year, but has a long way to go before catching up with Apple, “while slowly growing in popularity throughout the holiday season, up 1 percent from last year, Apple devices continue to be the gift to give. ”

A popular trend this year was the phablets, 37 percent of the phones activated were between 5 and 7 inches, which is up from last year’s 27 percent. The phones that were activated below 5-inches made up 45 percent, which is down from 54 percent last year.

Source/photo credit: Flurry

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