Apple Will Offer AppleCare+ For The HomePod For $39

AppleCare+ will be offered for the HomePod for extended warranty coverage up to two years of service for $39.

According to a recent Apple memo that was sent out to its US employees regarding AppleCare+ for the HomePod, Apple will offer an extended warranty coverage for $39. The extended warranty will cover services up to three years from the date purchased, and also includes two years of telephone support. Beside the extended warranty, the standard one year warranty will be offered at no charge at the time of purchasing the HomePod.

The AppleCare+ warranty service will provide service for two incidents of accidental damage, with a $39 service fee for each incident. In case someone wants to know what is accidental damage is, it’s classified as damage done to the HomePod by the user. If damage occurs by negligence of the manufacturer, service is free. The coverage will also include AirPort products as well, with up to two incidents of accidental damage.

The AppleCare+ warranty coverage will most likely be available on January 26th when Apple will begin taking orders online.


Source: Macrumors, idownloadblog

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