Apple Will Make Its Own iPhone Chip As Soon As Next Year

The Cupertino-based company will use its own chip in the iPhone within the next two-year, according to Nikkei Asian Review.

A new report released is certain that Apple is working on its own power management chips for the iPhone. Apple will replace about half of the main power management chips that are used inside the iPhone with its own chip as soon as 2018. However, anonymous sources say that the transition could be delayed until 2019.

Apple currently uses the Anglo-German company Dialog Semiconductor main power management chip for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch models, which will likely hurt the company’s business once Apple makes the switch. It was previously reported that Apple accounted for nearly three-quarters of Dialog Semiconductor’s revenue for the year 2016.

Nikkei Asian Review states that the Taiwanese supplier TSMC will be the main manufacturer of Apple’s power management chip.

If you aren’t familiar with this particular chip, this chip controls the iPhone’s battery, including the charging capabilities and energy consumption. Apple is hoping to create the “most advanced in the industry” to set the standard for future iPhones to have a better performance-to-battery life balance.

Apple’s new in-house power management chip would be the most advanced in the industry, according to the sources, and could have processing capabilities that allow it to better monitor and control power consumption among various components. That means iPhone users could expect devices capable of delivering better performance on lower power consumption.

We’ll see how accurate the report is as time progresses. If it is true, an improved battery life is always a much-welcomed feature.

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