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Said to start next month, Apple Stores will provide high-grade iPhone and iPad photography workshops, which will cover different “accessories and techniques.” These techniques will include things like long exposure, timelapses and macro imaging, which Apple noted in a statement to help students create art with their products.

Another set of workshops will go over how to draw, paint and sketch on an iPad. Furthermore, to help promote artists around the world using the company’s products and to promote the newly revamped “Start Something New” campaign, Apple will display users’ artwork on its official site and across its Apple Stores.

The iPad workshops are presumably part of Apple’s effort to promote the iPad Pro as an artistic device. The tablet has an extremely responsive touchscreen, intended mainly for use with the Apple Pencil, which the stylus responds to both pressure and tilted strokes.

Moreover, Apple already offers basic iPhone photography workshop, as well as sessions on using Photos for OS X, but the new material should target folks already comfortable with essential functions. The iPad workshops will be the first of their kind, and will arrive next month.

Source info: apple.com

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