Apple has begun notifying Apple Watch owners about an upcoming “Ring in the New Year” activity challenge.

Apple Watch Owners Can Earn 'Ring In the New Year' Activity Achievement

The soon-to-launch activity challenge is designed to get Apple Watch owners up and at ’em for the new year, encouraging them to get up and get active. In order to earn the special achievement, users will have to complete all three activity rings, each day for an entire week in the month of January.

Earn this special achievement when you close all three Activity rings each day for any full week, Monday to Sunday, in January. You’ll also earn special stickers in the Messages app.

While the challenge has become visible for some users, it should appear for all users in the Activity app by midnight local time on December 28. Apple promoted a similar challenge on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., offering access to a “special sticker” in iMessage for those that completed the challenge, which was to complete a walk, run or wheelchair workout of at least 5K (3.1 mi). The “New Year” challenge will offer a “stickers” for its completion.

(Via MacRumors)