Apple Watch Could Change Lives Thanks To New EKG Monitor & App

The Apple Watch has its first FDA-approved medical accessory that will check the owner’s heart activity thanks to the embedded sensor.

The medical tech company AliveCor’s EKG monitor has been approved by the FDA this past week, making it the first certified medical device for the Apple Watch.

AliveCor’s accessory KardiaBand allows Apple Watch owners to check their heart activity with the embedded sensor, which will let them know if there are any abnormal heart rhythms that could lead to serious health issues.

SmartRhythm monitoring works with your Apple Watch® to intelligently evaluate the relationship between heart rate ranges, activity levels and other factors. If heart rate appears inconsistent with the activity level from your watch, a notification will be sent to record an EKG.

If you are interested in this band, you can purchase one for $199 plus the yearly subscription of $99 or the monthly subscription of $9.99.

On the same day AliveCor announced its new Apple Watch band, Apple launched a new app that will gather irregular heartbeat data from the wearable’s heart rate sensor. Not only will the device detect irregular rhythms, it will also send notifications to the user who may be suffering from AFib (atrial fibrillation).

Apple talked about its Heart Study initiative back in September when it released watchOS 4. The company teamed up with Stanford University on this project to give its users, doctors, and researchers the information they need on heart irregularity.

Apple wants to make a difference in the healthcare world, and the Apple Watch is proving to do just that. A study released earlier this year showed that the Apple Watch is the most accurate wearable device when detecting heart irregularity.

If you want to download Apple’s new, free app, be sure to head over to the App Store today.

Source: Verge

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