It’s speculated that Apple will release an updated Apple Watch which could sport a new feature to measure user’s breathing rates.

The dubbed “Apple Watch 3” will offer more health-monitoring tools than ever before, that is if these rumors are correct. According to the latest talk about the new smartwatch, Apple filed a patent that will allow the smartwatch to measure respiration rates by using a plethsmography. A plethysmograph measures volume change within an organ.

This system will obtain a photoplethysmogram signal from a pulse oximeter to measure constriction and dilation of the blood vessels. These pulse oximeters capture photoplethysmogram signals with a light emitter and light sensor. However, body movement can disrupt this process which is why Apple is planning on using two light sensors rather than one sensor for better monitoring and accuracy.

The Apple Watch 3 is also rumored to feature sleep tracking and glucose monitoring. With watchOS 4 making its way to the Apple Watch, we could see some major health features for Apple’s upcoming smartwatch.

Source/ Photo Credit: Patently Apple

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